Are you ok? :


This is a question that we need to begin to become accustom to asking and accustom to being asked. “Are you ok?” In our society we try out best to always put on a mask of everything being “ok”. The question is what is ok? Happy with your social media likes? How much money you make? Your title? Either way many times in life we are NOT ok. Guess what – that is totally OK! Not being ok is nothing we should be ashamed of or embarrassed by. Being just ok is in fact ok as well! We do not always have to be glowing with energy or picking others up. Something I have really had to work on personally is allowing people to ask me this and giving them a real and honest answer. I believe we were given emotions – emotions to feel and to be one with. When we try to battle those internal emotions and feelings it makes life ALOT more difficult than it should be. Sad today? Feel that sadness and understand that it will too pass and it is not a permanent place you will be in. Our bodies and mind need to rationalize what is going on around us, everyone is so different in how we deal with different situations. Understand that life is hard and sometimes sad, frustrating, upsetting, and sometimes just ok and in those days don’t try to battle those feelings or thoughts. Look it right in the eyes and stand tall and be one with it. Feel what you need to feel. That said be sure to always ALWAYS acknowledge and focus on the good and happy days. They always come. They always swoop by and you know it when it is there, be happy smile and in that moment know – you are ok.

Much love.

-Scoot 5.1.2020


Self Love :


This is something that is so vital to our mental health. We can only go so far in our journey and battle with anxiety and depression if we do not appreciate and love ourselves. I have listed 5 tips on how to improve or to strengthen your self-appreciation.
• Start a journal
o One of the most effective practices we can start beginning is logging our feelings and thoughts – this allows us to see patterns of what makes us feel good and what makes us upset. One of the things I do daily is write down one good deed I did throughout the day and something I appreciate about MYSELF. This will begin for you to see the goods throughout the day that you do and what you bring to the world
• Start being physically active
o Physical activity can come in many ways. I used to think to be physically active meant to lift heavy weights and or run miles on top of miles. This is very inaccurate. Take 20-30 minutes a day either stretching, doing jumping jacks, meditating, and even lifting or running. This will build your confidence in yourself and will build a sense of accomplishment every day.
• Have fun by yourself
o It is always good to have a few moments throughout the week by yourself to gather your thoughts and emotion and also to simply have fun! By doing this you begin to enjoy your own company and at the end of the day that is who you spend most time with, so it is best to enjoy your own company. This could simply be going out on a walk for a bit, going on a car ride listening to your favorite music, or trying out new things!
• Learn to forgive yourself from past mistakes
o Learning to forgive yourself is a very difficult but vital skill to learn. Reflecting on your mistakes can help you forgive and forget. If you can look back some of your poor choices, you may have made and forgive yourself you can begin to truly move forward. Always have positive inward thinking. Practice realizing that mistakes and mishaps happen to everyone and try to learn from each and every one of them. Learning to love yourself despite any mistakes you made in the past is great for your self-worth.
• Slow Down
o In our world we are constantly moving and thinking. Take 30 minutes before your day starts or at the end of the day to put your technology away and think inward. Relax and think of the day and what was good about it or what good will come from it. You can take this time to practice meditation, stretching, or even take a hot bath or shower. Remember we are trying to prep our brain to relax and slow things down. This will allow our brain to focus on the positives and flush away the negative energy our brain wants to bring in from the drama of our world we live in.
Remember what Christopher Robin tells Pooh Bear :
“You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
Much love –
Scoot 4.30.2020
Panic Attack : ‘
Remember this – we all panic, but let’s start fighting back.
Ways to stop a panic attack :
• Practice deep breathing
o While in a panic attack you will find that you will struggle to catch your breath. This can increase the fear you feel. Deep breathing can reduce symptoms and take control of the panic attack
• Recognize you are having a panic attack
o By recognizing you are having a panic attack you can remind yourself that is only a temporary feeling and it will pass. While doing this you can practice more techniques to manage the attack.
• Close your eyes
o Whiling closing your eyes you can centralize your breathing and cancel out the catalyst of the panic attack.
• Picture your happy place
o Find a place while closing your eyes that makes you HAPPY. A place in your mind where you have no stresses no fear and feel totally protected. When you find that place spiritually place your mind in that location and focus on being in the moment.
• Use a muscle relaxation technique
o This is very similar to deep breathing; muscle relaxation techniques can help reduce your panic attack. Consciously relax one area of your body at a time. Reducing a panic attack is fighting back and gaining control of the situation. Start with something very simple like the fingers in your hard and move down the body throughout the process.
In times like these anxiety and fear is sky rocketing. Its also harder to now find time with your professional help – all these exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home. I hope these techniques are helpful for you! I know they are for me!
Much love –
-Scoot 4.30.2020